Download Fruit Ninja for Android full version free

Fruit Ninja is a very popular fun game originally released for the Apple iOS platform sometime ago, where it became extremely popular, and quickly climbed the popularity charts in the iTunes App store. Later it was ported to the Android platform and gained the same popularity there.

The worldwide smash hit Fruit Ninja for Android full Version for FREE Download!

Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash.
Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three games modes in single player and worldwide leaderboards using Openfeint, the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores.

Fruit Ninja features three packed gameplay modes – Classic, Zen and the new Arcade, featuring powerups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score! The bonus Dojo section includes unlockable blades and backgrounds, and you can also unlock achievements and post scores to the online leaderboards with Openfeint.

Now the Fruit Ninja for Android full Version for FREE download through the Android Market. Note that this is truly a full version of the game in contrast to the usual lite free versions of the games we used to see for the iOS. Only catch is that its ad supported to cover the costs. That might not be problem for most users though.

Download Free DSi and Nintendo DS Games 2012 UPDATED!

Complete list of the Best Download Free Nintendo DSi games that you can download ffrom this website. We have just listed several ways you get free Nintendo DSI games download for your new console for those who have jumped on the DSi R4i.

Continue reading below for your chance to get free Nintendo DSI games. The downloadable NDSi games or free nintendo dsi games 2012 here are provided for your reference.

Some of the best Free Nintendo DSi Games Download here includes Call of Duty – World at War, Brain Age 2, Cosmos X2 Nintendo Dsi Game, Sims and Sims 3 immediately from this reliable site. These are the most worth it, when it comes to free dsi game downloads.

Here's how to get Download Free Nintendo DSi Games

1. Purchase a new Nintendo DSi™ system and access the Nintendo DSi Shop through your wireless broadband connection by October 5, 2009.

2. 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points™ will then be automatically credited to your Nintendo DSi Shop account.

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6. Download Nintendo DS Lite Games for Free

7. Free Nintendo DSi Games Download

Use your free points to obtain a license to download up to 1000 points worth of Nintendo DSi-exclusive games and/or applications.

Some of the Nintendo DS Lite games available are:

Dragon Ball Z (Banpresto)
MegaMan Battle Network DS
Viewtiful Joe (Capcom)
Gyakuten Saiban (Capcom)
Need for Speed (EA)
Dynasty Warriors (KOEI)
Frogger 2005 (Konami)
Mr. Driller (Namco)
Super Monkey Ball DS (Sega)
Phantasy Star Online DS (Sega)
Puyo Puyo DS (Sega)
Spider-Man 2 (Activision)
Project Rub (Sega)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles DS rom from Square Enix
Dragon Quest Monsters
Dark Reflections (MezCo Studios)
The URBZ: Sims in the City
One Piece (Bandai)

Madden NFL 2005 (EA)

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Hotspot Shield VPN Free for Globe Tattoo and Smart Broadband 2012

Globe Tattoo and Smart Broadband Unlimited Free PC Internet using 2in1 ShieldVPN v5.2 (HotspotShield and ExpatShield) also known as OpenVPN

Hotspot Shield Free Smart Broadband VPN 
Text ROAM OFF to 333

Hotspot Shield Free Globe Tattoo VPN 
1. Mag-load ng 16 pesos, text MB15 to 8888.
2. Close and unplug Globe Tattoo stick from your PC.
3. Insert another SIM sa Globe Tattoo stick.
4. Plug and connect modem.
5. Text BAL to 222.
6. Close and unplug Globe Tattoo stick from your PC.
7. Insert the first SIM sa Globe Tattoo stick.
8. Connect and browse!
Shared by: drwang12

1. I-saksak ang Globe Tattoo Stick or Smart Broadband sa computer at i-open ang Dashboard. I-click ang Tools, Options, at Profile Management.

2. Sa Profile Management, click New. Ilagay ang sumusunod,
Profile Name: Globe Tattoo Broadband – Prepaid
APN (Use Static):
Access Number: *99#
For SMART (use Smart Buddy SIM)
Profile Name: SmartBro
APN (Use Static): internet
Access Number: *99#
Click Default then Save.

Note: For Globe users, use RAS connection. I-click ang Tools, Options, at General, then choose RAS (modem) as connection type. view screenshot
3. Mag-connect gamit ang settings na Globe Tattoo Broadband – Prepaid or SmartBro. Siguraduhin na walang load ang Globe Tattoo Stick at mag-maintain naman ng 1 peso load sa Smart Broadband.
4. I-download, i-extract, at i-open ang ShieldVPN sa ibaba. Para sa Windows Vista at Windows 7 users, i-right click sa ShieldVPN, click PROPERTIES, sa COMPATIBILITY tab i-check ang COMPATIBILITY MODE at ilagay sa Windows XP, then click OK.

5. Mamili ng server, HotspotShield or ExpatShield. Kahit alin pwede.
6. Mamili ng protocol, TCP or UDP. Kahit alin pwede.
7. Pumili ng Port. Kahit alin pwede.
Note: For Globe users, click MISC, Options, Local port, ilagay ang 137. For Smart users, click MISC, Options, Local port, ilagay ang 53.
8. Click Connect at maghintay hanggang maging Connected ka na. Ito ang sequence Connecting, Finalizing, at Connected.
9. Mag-browse. Enjoy FREE BROWSING using Hotspot Shield VPN Free for Globe Tattoo and Smart Broadband 2012!

1. Kapag connected na pero hindi pa rin maka-browse, ulitin simula procedure 5 to procedure 9. Ibahin lamang ang gamit na server at port.
2. Kapag gumagana na at gusto alisin ang mga advertisements, install ang Adblock.
- Chrome Adblock for Google Chrome
- Adblock Plus for FireFox
- Simple Adblock for Internet Explorer
- Safari Adblock for Safari
- Opera Adblock for Opera
3. Make sure na may .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Framework 3.5 na naka-install sa computer or laptop.
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Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download : Free 3DS ROMs Download

With the launch of the 3DS in Japan. There will be Nintendo 3DS Games Free Downloadaround the entire world wide web.

For Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download emulator you just have to use a PC or a Mac to play Nintendo 3D games for free. 3DS Cart Nintendo Cartridges & Game Cards.Free 3DS ROMs Downloadfor R4. 3DS PC Emulator best emulator for WinXP, Windows 7 and Vista.

Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download
Here are some of the Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download 
1. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
2. Zelda: Ocrina of Time 3D
3. Mario Kart 3DS
4. Resident Evil Revelations
5. Starfox 64 3DS
6. Paper Mario
7. Pilotwings Resort
8. Dead or Alive
9. Kid Icarus: Uprising
10. Animal Crossing

3DS Games Download review latest 3D games and start downloading them from the net for free. We show you how. Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download full game versions now available for download.

How To Install Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI ROM On Galaxy S II

To Install Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI ROM On Galaxy S II, which, based on CyanogenMod, is one of the more popular custom builds due to its smooth and distinct interface. More than being just a pretty face though, it features a better notifications menu as well as enhanced Camera/Gallery/Music apps.

Last month we showed you how To Install Android 4.0.3 ICS MIUI ROM On Galaxy S IIon your HP TouchPad device, and courtesy of adyscorpius over at XDA-Developers, you can now install it on your Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s a pretty well-tuned build, thus you won’t have to sacrifice any basic functions in order to enjoy it, and while we’d usually advise against performing such mods on your daily runner, this particular ROM is at version 2.1, so many of the usual caveats found in early alpha releases have been resolved.

If you’ve already installed CyanogenMod on your Galaxy S II, you will need to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery, wipe /data and /cache partitions, before installing the downloaded .zip file from installzip from sdcard menu; just as we did in our previous tutorial: how to install CyanogenMod 7 (Alpha 3).

Even if you haven’t already installed CyanogenMod, don’t fret, since installing MIUI on the Galaxy S II isn’t particularly difficult. Check out the guide how to install CyanogenMod (Alpha 11) for information on how you can do that.

With the formalities out of the way, let’s get started. Before you begin, make sure you’ve the following files at the ready:

Step 1: Download the via this link. The file is over 100MB, so may take a few moments for those on slower connections.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, copy the .zip file to /sdcard.

Step 3: Boot your Galaxy SII into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, and then go to Mounts and Storage and select Wipe System.

Step 5: Install zip from sdcard – Version 2.1.

Step 6: Wipe Data/Factory Reset once more.

Step 7: Reboot your device, and you should be good to go.

If you come across any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to check out the official thread on XDA.