Netizens tweet: Why remove men's sexy billboards?

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Netizens tweet: Why remove men's sexy billboards?
Posted at 07/08/2011 12:54 PM | Updated as of 07/08/2011 2:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Netizens were quick to react to the removal of sexy men's billboards along one of Metro Manila's major thoroughfares, saying it is "unfair."

Broadcast journalist and anchor Karen Davila summed up their comments in these few sentences on Friday at "Headstart," ANC's early morning show:

"Well look at that, the women that are driving by...tough luck. Now my question frankly is why is it that you seem to mind half-naked men in a billboard but you don't mind half-naked women?" she said.

She added, "You've got to be fair on that."

The Bench billboard features the members of the Philippine rugby team posing in their underwear.

Below are some of the comments posted on the microblogging site Twitter:

"We're living in an oh-so-conservative country grrrrrrrr," said shaidelamerced.

"Dba unfair for the volcanoes na e remove yung billboard nila kc yung mga billboard nga ng mga girls eh hindi nla pinatanggal!! Just saying :)," said sidneySS90210.

"Volcanoes Billboard to be taken down! Unfair! Bakit pag girls pwede???" said cidhottie.

"#Volcanoes hay masyadong malisyosang mga isip ng pinoy, dapat tanggalin din ang billboard ng mga babaeng naka 2pc sa Edsa. patas dapat," said Henesis14.

Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos on Thursday asked advertisers to take down billboards of the Philippine Volcanoes, the country's rugby team, along EDSA.

The billboards feature members of the team showing off their well sculpted bodies as they posed in their colored underwear.

"Hindi ko pinapaalis. I am just requesting advertisers to have it removed," Abalos told in a phone interview on Thursday.

The mayor also stressed that this is not a moral issue, adding that he did not know the players who posed for the ad.

A number of netizens scored Abalos on Twitter for doing such, with others saying that he is only "jealous of the Volcanoes' beautiful rock-hard abs."

"Ang KJ naman ni #abalos gusto ata nya, pag nagmodel ng underwear kailangan my suot pa din damit...dami nya hang ups!" said jolandtristan.

"Get a gym membership!" said blogalag.

Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian, however, defended Abalos. He tweeted, "Hay Salamat! The 'men in briefs' billboards along EDSA are GONE. Thank you very much Mayor Abalos. Our kids can pass EDSA safely now."

Gatchalian was the one who told Abalos about the Volcanoes' sexy billboards.

Meanwhile, Abalos said he will check another billboard located along EDSA-Guadalupe which features the Philippine Azkals' team captain, Aly Borromeo, also posing in his underwear.

Source: abs-cbn news online

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