Libyan hackers hit IOM website

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Libyan hackers hit IOM website
07/13/2011 | 02:29 PM

Libyan hackers hit the database of the International Organization for Migration website this week, defacing one of its pages in the process.

A report in The Hacker News in Wednesday (Manila time) said that the attackers made the hack on the IOM website ( in the name of a “Green Libya."

“Sorry about the usernames and passwords (we are) not giving because we take no responsibility of defacing their database and official website. But we want to deliver them the message that they’re still publishing lies and trying to give a bad image about what’s going in Libya. Rooted and exposed for the pride of GREEN LIBYA and Supporting the (Green Libyan) nation," the hacker was quoted as saying.

The IOM has been involved in efforts to help evacuate residents from strife-torn Libya.

At least one screenshot on The Hacker News indicated that the compromised page’s URL was

In the screenshot was a message, “It’s not that hard. Ph33r ... Reviewed by inj3ct0r Tomcat 4.x."

However, a visit to the URL as of 4am Wednesday indicated it had already been restored. — TJD, GMA News

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