Firefox 6 beta optimized for tablet browsing

11:41:00 PM

Firefox 6 beta optimized for tablet browsing

Developers and tablet users appear to benefit the most from the latest beta version of Mozilla's Firefox browser.

Mozilla claimed that Firefox 6 beta, which it launched July 8, introduces "innovative tools" to help developers build "rich and compelling Web experiences."

In a blog post, Mozilla also said the mobile version of its Firefox beta for Android promises an "enhanced" experience on large-screen tablets.

Among the new features in the latest release are:

Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check

Improved Panorama Groups to reduce browser startup time by only loading saved tab groups when you use Panorama

An improved Address Bar that highlights the domain name of a website being visited.

A Scratchpad to quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browser.

Support for Web Sockets with a prefixed API

Moveable Web Console

New Web developer-specific menu

Mozilla also said that its Firefox for Android now starts faster and uses less memory.

The mobile version additionally offers higher-quality image scaling with less pixelation, and "Touch Events" for better interaction with Web pages.

A separate article on CNET noted the Domain Highlighting feature can be useful in verifying that one is at the correct URL, such as for online banking.

It also noted a new animation that quickly shows the hidden tab bar on the left and options menu on the right when the browser is launched for the first time. — TJD, GMA News

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