Hackers jailbreak Apple's latest update

3:04:00 AM

Hackers jailbreak Apple's latest update

"(We) have a new redsn0w 0.9.8b3 that supports a TETHERED jailbreak for iOS 4.3.4 on all devices that have 4.3.4 except the iPad2," redsn0w said in a blog post.

There are no new features in 4.3.4 but only fixes for jailbreak exploits, redsn0w added.

Also, redsn0w released a tethered jailbreak for the upcoming iOS 5. The jailbreak also does not cover the iPad 2 yet, but covers:

iPod touch 3G

iPod touch 4G

iPad 1

* iPhone4 (GSM)
* iPhone4 (CDMA)

"THIS IS A TETHERED JAILBREAK ONLY! No new exploits are being exposed with this jailbreak (it uses geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit), but that comes at a cost," redsn0w cautioned.

Source: Gmanews.tv

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