Anonymous leaks 90,000 emails from US Gov't contractor

2:26:00 AM

Anonymous leaks 90,000 emails from US Gov't contractor
07/12/2011 | 04:20 PM

The self-proclaimed hacktivists of Anonymous struck again on Tuesday (Manila time), posting online some 90,000 military email addresses taken from a consulting firm working with the United States government.

Anonymous said that the attack on Booz Allen Hamilton was part of its "Military Meltdown Monday" and offered the stolen data as a 130.5-mb torrent on

"A wild release appears: It's Military Meltdown Monday! Booz Allen Hamilton pwned for ~90,000 military email/pw #AntiSec," it said in its Twitter account.

It also provided links to the emails and passwords at

Anonymous said that it was "nonplussed" by its latest victim's security policy.

"@BoozAllen you have a security policy? We're nonplussed, really, cause we never noticed," it said.

But Booz Allen Hamilton, in its own Twitter account, declined to elaborate on the incident.

"As part of @BoozAllen security policy, we generally do not comment on specific threats or actions taken against our systems," it said.

In a message on ThePirateBay, Anonymous said that Booz Allen Hamilton's core business involves defense and homeland security matters, and limited engagements of foreign governments specific to U.S. military assistance programs.

Anonymous said it infiltrated a server on the victim's network that it said "basically had no security
measures in place."

The group said it also grabbed, then wiped, four gigabytes of source code.

On the other hand, it said it found "maps and keys" that may keep blackhat hackers "busy for a while."

Anonymous claimed the victimized contractor was involved in the "Pioneer Groundbreaker" program, which it said involved warrantless wiretapping as part of the war on terror.

It also claimed to have uncovered "shady practices" by the company, "including potentially illegal surveillance systems, corruption between company and government officials, warrantless wiretapping, and several other questionable surveillance projects."

The group, in an "invoice" for auditing Booz Allen Hamilton's systems, claimed it needed only four hours of manpower and virtually nothing to infiltrate the network. — TJD, GMA News

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