Jose Rizal books on display at US Library of Congress

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Jose Rizal books on display at US Library of Congress

The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. said Rizal's works were on display at the Library of Congress, the research arm of Congress and the national library of the United States.

According to a news release of the Department of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, the display was organized by the library in commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Rizal.

The books on display included the:
Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas by Antonio de Morga, annotated by Jose Rizal;
Maria Makiling, a folktale by Jose Rizal;
One Hundred Letters of Jose Rizal to his parents, brother, sisters and relatives, and different versions of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, among others.

A 1902 version of Noli Me Tangere included a journalist's description of the crowd that gathered in Luneta during Rizal's execution.

The article was quoted from the December 30, 1901 edition of the Puerto Rican newspaper, "La Correspondencia," the fifth anniversary of Rizal's death.

Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr. visited the Library of Congress on June 29 to view the Jose Rizal display at the Asian Reading Room of the Library of Congress.

Asian Division Philippine Specialist Reme Grefalda of the Library of Congress guided the Ambassador as he looked through the Rizal collection of the library.

Cuisia was received by the Library of Congress Asian Division Chief Franklin Odo, Ph.D., who was the founding director of the Asian Pacific American Program at the Smithsonian Institution before joining the Library of Congress.

The DFA said a second Rizal display will take place in December. It will include the Spanish newspapers that featured his trial and the monographs of his execution and martyrdom. - VVP, GMA News

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