Mark Gil blasts the father of Andi's child anew

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Mark Gil blasts the father of Andi's child anew
Posted at 07/10/2011 8:13 PM | Updated as of 07/11/2011 6:27 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Mark Gil, father of Andi Eigenmann, blasted anew the guy who got his daughter pregnant during his exclusive interview with “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda.

Gil lambasted the father of Andi’s child, the identity of whom they still refuse to publicly divulge, not just for turning his back on his daughter but also for his alleged past transgressions against the “Agua Bendita” lead star.

Mark Gil defends his daughter, Andi Eigenmann.

The veteran actor scored him for allegedly physically hurting Andi and accusing her of being a playgirl on social networking site Formspring.

Gil said when he first heard about the alleged physical abuse, he tried to contact him but to no avail. Gil added he should at least “come face me” because the family had accepted him when he was still with Andi.

“Itong taong ito ang pangit ng ugali niya. I feel deceived. The gulpihan issue, sinampal- sampal daw niya, tapos meron pang nangyari sa Greenbelt na public pa raw. This is my daughter, huwag naman. Not just my daughter, she’s Andi Eigenmann, si ‘Agua Bendita’ ... Bastos, sobra. My daughter doesn’t deserve this,” he said.

Gil also assessed him as someone who “got a very big problem.” “This guy has a lot of anger. Marami siyang galit sa mundo.”

“Hindi pa ito, meron pa akong alam. Pinainom pa nang abortive pill. There are too much details of it that I don’t want to touch about it. Kalimutan na natin ang first issue na gulpi-gulpi, yong buntis at hindi mo aaminin at hindi mo haharapin and then palalabasin mo pa na… ‘yong playgirl This Formsping thing. Stop this. Don’t do this to my daughter, don’t do this to us,” he said.

“You know what, boy, stand up, just stand up. Alam mo I fathered when I was 16 years… kahit hindi ko alam ang magiging responsibilities ko, pinanindigan ko ‘yon, hinarap ko,” he said.

“We’re not asking anything from you, boy, I just hope your parents teach you well. Do you have parents? What kind of parents do you have? Nanggugulpi ka nang babae hindi ka man lang pinangaralan. Ngayon, papalabasin ninyo pa na we are happy and we are willing to have DNA test. Come on, that’s enough the insult,” he added.

Gil said if the guy doesn’t want the baby, “then you won’t have it.” Andi, he said, will have the support of her whole family.

The young actress is having a baby girl, disclosed Gil.

Gil is also optimistic that the pregnancy will not affect Andi’s career.

Nonetheless, he also said he is ready to forgive the guy if he sincerely apologizes for physically hurting Andi.

Two guys have been suspected of fathering Andi’s child, namely Jake Ejercito, son of former President Joseph Estrada, and young actor Albie Casiño. Both denied the speculations.

Andi’s camp has already cleared Ejercito. In his interview with “The Buzz,” Gil also said Ejercito is not the father of Andi’s child.

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