Recall of Nestlé P’tit Pot banana baby food in France

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Recall of Nestlé P’tit Pot banana baby food in France

P'tit Pot Recette Banana
On June 29, Nestlé France voluntarily recalled one batch (nº L 10980295) of Nestlé P’tit Pot Recette Banana, a baby food product sold in glass jars. The specific product batch was recalled as a precautionary measure when Nestlé was contacted by a consumer who had found glass in a jar.
We immediately took all necessary measures to establish the cause of this incident in close collaboration with authorities. The conclusion of the investigation is that this was an isolated case involving one jar.
The product batch was only sold in France and no other product batches and no other countries were affected by this recall.
The safety and quality of Nestlé products are a non-negotiable priority for the company. Nestlé sincerely apologizes to its consumers and customers for any inconvenience caused by this voluntary recall.
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